Running a cafe is a wonderful way to make a living. Not only do you get to spend your days in a relaxing environment surrounded by the enchanting aroma of coffee, but you’re also likely to make a decent profit. Even if you’re making some good money, however, you can always expand your food menu to increase your profits. Take these tips into account as you add more food items to your coffee shop’s menu.

Aim for Slow and Steady Growth

If you suddenly unveil an extensive food menu, your customers won’t have time to adjust to the change. You’ll also have to make big investments in equipment and staff, investments that might not pay off. Rather than getting in over your head, try adding a few new menu items here and there. As particular foods prove successful, consider adding similar items that are likely to be a hit.

Abandon Items That Aren’t Selling

Being stubborn is never a good idea in the restaurant industry. Don’t stick with a bad idea just because you were once convinced it would work. Sometimes, things don’t catch on for reasons that remain beyond our comprehension. If a particular menu item isn’t selling despite your best promotional efforts, admit the defeat and move on to something else.

Ask for Customer Feedback

When it comes to gauging the popularity of your new menu items, your customers are always your best resource. Don’t be afraid to ask people what they think after they finish their food. They’ll be happy that you value their opinions, and they might even be more likely to become regular customers. Don’t let a bit of criticism get you down, since everyone has unique tastes. If you notice a pattern, however, you should consider tweaking ingredients or changing a menu item.

Use Technology to Aid in the Development of Your Menu

In this day and age, technology makes running a restaurant a whole lot easier. Consider using customized menu software to create unique offerings for your business, and always post your menu to your website where more people can see it.

By expanding your food options, you can encourage every customer to spend more during their visit. At the end of the year, this could have a major impact on your bottom line.

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